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These days you can not imagine a celebration without animators.  These are definitely they who create the atmosphere of magic and fabulousness. Animator is not just an actor, playing his role and telling the phrases that have been learnt by heart, he is first of all children`s psychologist who is able to reach child`s soul. The main task of the animator is to do so that every child on the celebration has fun and is interested, so that he or she feels like a direct participant of the world of fantasy.
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  • Unique scripts
    The main advantage of DREAM LAND is having own script writers who can prepare absolutely unique script for any program of the holiday, that nobody has ever had or will ever have. That is why parents should not worry that their children will see something familiar.
  • Professional actors
    Unlike most other entertainment centers, DREAM LAND has gathered in its team professional actors who can improvise very well as a part of the script. It makes the performance really lively, unpredictable and very interesting, so as nobody knows what happens next.
  • Bright attribute
    Not a single party can take place without a well-chosen attribute. Our animators are provided with exclusive accessories we do not grudge money for. Thanks to it the holiday in DREAM LAND differs not only with bright plot but also with bright performance of it.
  • Wide range of characters
    We are not at a stop and we constantly try to be in the centre of events. Our scriptwriters watch carefully so as new favourites of children`s films, cartoons and computer games. That is why, as soon as new characters or heroes appear on television or on the Internet we immediately extend our catalogue. But if it appears that you don`t find your favourite character, you should not worry – we will create it!


We will make our best so that children`s holiday will present the child and all the guests loads of pleasure and will be remembered for all life.

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