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Did you dream about your own car in childhood? In DREAM LAND, any kid can try to drive on his own car Bibikar around the entertainment center.
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Bibakar is a modern invention by Israeli engineers, designed specifically for children. Beautiful, comfortable and easy to use, it will enable any child who visits DREAM LAND to feel like a true driver. 

The machine moves due to the laws of physics - gravity and centrifugal forces. The child have to lean a little forward and twist the steering wheel to start moving. For those who have never ridden this miracle, the biker's movement may seem like a true magic, because there is no motor for it.
Bibicar is absolutely safe for children. It's design completely eliminates the possibility of injury. All elements are streamlined and free of any sharp corners. Special ergonomic seats do not allow the baby to stand off. There are special rubber pads on the seat, which are not allowed to slip out of it, and specially designed wheels do not allow the machine to overturn even at sharp turns.

If you want to make the children's holiday really fun, so that it gives the child a lot of ​​joy and positive impressions, do it at DREAM LAND. We guarantee that nobody will be indifferent to the opportunity to arrange the race, and the kids will enjoy unforgettable pleasure.

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