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Dry Ball Pit with Slides

Going down a slide into a swimming pool is one of the most adorable children`s amusements. But swimming in the pool means lots of additional clothes: swimming suits, trunks, towels, etc. We solved this problem in DREAM LAND and created a pool without water!
Main Services Dry Ball Pit with Slides

Instead of water it is filled with balls you can swim among, and into which you can go down the slide with the same pleasure, but the difference is tat you can do this it wearing your casual clothes.

The construction of the side has been designed in order to be safe for children. The balls themselves, the pitch is filled with, are rather soft in order to avoid any possibility to get injured. Moreover the balls are pretty big so that the children can not swallow them. So, “swimming” in such a pool appears to be completely safe.

Children will be able to “swim” in the dry pitch and go down the slide with pleasure. Such pastime will surely evoke the flood of positive emotions, laughter, merry fuss and loads of positive energy.

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