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The game represents not a very big pitch with pockets where, by analogy with usual billiards (snooker), you need to kick the ball, however the kicks are made not with the cue as in snooker but with feet as in football. This unusual game arouses big interest both among children and adults.
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From the first sight, it seems that everything is very easy, but in reality the game requires not less concentration than “adults`” snooker. In children`s version you also need to think over the trajectory of balls movement and make careful and accurate kicks in order to hit the ball directly into the pocket.

The game of snookball may be played either by two people, for example a parent and a child, or by several players. Thus the developmental element that requires from a child making exact predictions and analyzing the mistakes is hidden simplicity of the game.

And it is not important at all will the young snookballers be good at kicking the balls into the pockets, because it will be fun anyway and the process of the game itself will arouse fun, fuss and positive emotions. And isn`t it the main thing about a holiday?

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