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Sports Ground

Collective sports entertainment is always fun! On the territory of DREAM LAND we have equipped a modern playground.
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Football and basketball are considered to be one of the most popular kinds of sport among children. If your child starts playing these games, his or her muscles will develop better, the bones will be stronger and the immunity system will prevent illnesses more efficiently.

Undisputable benefit of these very kinds of games is the fact that they develop children`s ability to adapt quickly in any team, to build a strategy and to develop tactics for achieving the goal that has been set, they can also develop leader`s skills. That is why being a part of a team and team work are considered to be one of the important tools for your child`s development.

In our children`s entertainment center there is always a huge quantity of those who have the desire to play, that is why it will be very easy for any guest to find a teammate for him or her. And it does not matter at all what score the game will finish with, the main things are new acquaintances, friends, positive emotions and a good mood.

If you want your child to develop better, to grow healthy, socially active, to learn how to set a goal and achieve it in a team, visit our sports ground in DREAM LAND.

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